Secret Garden Wedding | Tomi + Jen

Tomi and Jen's wedding was so amazing, from start to finish - and the entire vibe of the day, from beginning to end- was just so.... THEM! They chose to get ready at Public Hotel which is a photographers dream... Jess and I chose to get ready there too for our wedding, because.... all white erethaaang.... duh! The whole space is just so bright and airy, and the decor is amazing (chic cows in hats, because- obviously!) Seriously, we love that place!

Champagne and High Life  chilled on ice while Tomi perfected their reception playlist and Jen got her makeup done. Tad bounced around the room snacking on M&M's as the parents laughed and sipped on coffee and mimosas.

Tomi and Jen wanted to spend time partying with family and friends at the wedding, so they opted to do photos beforehand. We ran around the city, and even made a pit stop at Jess and I's place to cool off, take a shot, and get some kitty cuddles in before the ceremony... Seriously you guys. Cat stops on the wedding day?! I think I'm going to start suggesting that to all of our couples.... LOL!  ((It's a shame Ruri wasn't there for that part, she's the biggest cat lady on the planet. Next time dear Ruri, next time.))

After our cat stop, we headed to the venue for some Twila time!!! Twila was all dressed up in her navy floral bow tie and she was soooo excited to see her moms! 

Guests were greeted to the ceremony with shots and smiles, and there was not a dry eye in the crowd as Tomi and Jen said their I Do's. The food was amazing (what?! an entire vegan section?! and that cornbread...... OHMYGODTHATCORNBREAD.) The dance floor was packed and the drinks were flowing, and the party continued down the street at Simones long after the reception had officially ended....#tomidewjen till the end!!!!!

We love you guys and everyone at your wedding so much, and know nothing but the best is in store for you both! PS... guys... We're about 6 months past due on family Roseanne Netflix night.. get on it! WE LOVE YOU!


Jamie and Jess


Venue, Catering & Decor: Honky Tonk BBQ

Vegan Catering: The Chicago Diner

Hair Stylist: Sara Burggraf

Makeup Artist: Aja Vines

Dress: Vera Wang

Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

Floral Ties: DAZlusa


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