Motorcycle Adventure Engagement | Erica + London

Okay- I'm going to be honest here. When London first reached out about doing a motorcycle engagement shoot in the woods, I instantly thought:  Wait- a motorcycle? Like with flames on it? Immediately visions of leather Harley jackets, bandanas, and Hulk Hogan mustaches came to mind... Well, it seems my idea of a 'biker' is a bit outdated, because once we saw London's matte black '83 Honda CM250, I pretty much instantly wanted to become a biker chick too..... (Because yo, that bike is siiiiick!) (PS don't worry my dear wife- we all know I can't even ride a bicycle without crashing- so consider yourselves all safe on the road.... for now.)

We had such a blast exploring the woods with these two (Guys! Logs! There's logs everywhere! LOL) After getting sufficiently muddy (I know, my bad- but IT WORKED, guys. It worked.) We cruised around downtown Palatine, and ended up stopping at an old deserted gas station that had the most amazingly huge blue windows, hellooo photo op! Look at that sky though, for real!

We finished up our adventure on the rooftop of a parking garage (our new favorite spaces!) to catch the wind and golden light as it peeked through the cloudy sky..

We had so much fun spending the evening with these two babes, and we can't wait for their wedding this fall!!


Jamie and Jess

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