Orchard Ridge Farms Wedding | Ashley + Patrick

Happy Tuesday! Hope you guys are enjoying this insane Chicago weather as much as we are!  If you're not in Illinois (AHEM, Yeah, we mean you, Seattleians.... Seattleites? ha!) - you're missing out on the most bi-polar display of the seasons- 70 and sunny one moment, and freezing sleet and snow the next.... Only in Chicago! Don't you just miss it?? (But really, just say yes. And then move back. Like, even next door to us, so we can all be best friends forever. Please?!!)

Ahh! We are so so sooooo excited to share this wedding that we had the honor and privilege (and let's be real, a complete blast!) photographing a couple weeks ago. Remember these babes !? If you haven't seen their engagement post, go take a peek! Their story and pics are adorbs.. Glamorous and dapper, insanely good-looking, and all sorts of picture perfect.... But that sunrise and sequins though... Need I say more?

Well, To say we've been looking forward to their wedding soirée would be a complete under-statement. We've been counting the days since we saw them last, and honestly- we couldn't have asked for a more awesome couple and amazing party to kick off the 2016 wedding season!!

Ashley and Patrick chose The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms for their big day, and as soon as we arrived we could totally see why. The entire estate is absolutely gorgeous. Copperstone Inn with it's the perfect mix of rustic sophistication, and the enormous Pavilion nestled in the distance, rolling hills all around. The place is breathtaking.. 

Back to the good stuff, so you know when you walk into a room and immediately feel good vibes, and you just know it's gonna be an awesome day? That was exactly what we felt as soon as we walked in... Jess and I looked at each other with huge grins on our faces,  and we knew this wedding was going to be one for the books. Not only are Ashley and Patrick seriously the best people you will ever meet, we knew we'd see a lot of familiar faces from Jenin and Ryan's amazing wedding last year... (including our newest friends from your circle, Jess and Dan!!!) We were so pumped for this party, you don't even know.

The weather was mild and the rain held off as these two were married in front of an entire church filled with their family and friends. They held hands, stole glances, and traded smiles throughout the entire ceremony, and Patrick fist pumped in celebration as they walked back down the aisle together as man and wife... :D

We headed back to the beautiful estate for pictures, immediately followed by the best reception ever. Each and every one of the speeches during dinner had us rolling with laughter, had sentimental tears in our eyes, or a combination of the two.... (Really, you all pretty much nailed it!)  The Walk-Ins  kept the party at full swing all night long. The band had everyone- friends and family, young and old alike, just tearing up that dance floor till the very end. In one word, this reception was EPIC.

Ashley and Patrick, thank you so much for letting us celebrate with you, and trusting us to capture your big, crazy, beautiful and perfect day! Peace, Love, and YOLOOOOOO's all around!  See all of you beautiful people at the next one!!! (eeeeee!)


Jamie and Jess



Venue: The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms

Florals: Event Floral

Videographer: FortyONE Films  ((See Ashley and Patrick's gorgeous Highlight Video HERE!))

Live Music: The Walk-Ins

Dress: Allure Bridals from Bella Amore Bridals

Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Hair: Stephanie Ballard

Makeup: Flawless By Tiffany