St. Andrews Wedding : Jenny + Paul

Jenny is the type of girl who's smile lights up a room. The morning of the wedding, her happiness and excitement was contagious. The bridal suite rang with the sound of laughter as the girls shared smiles, stories, and mimosas all around. 

Jenny's mother stood with her hands clasped to her chest and tears in her eyes as the girls helped Jenny get into her dress, I have never seen a mothers heart swell with so much joy. Today her little girl would would marry the man of her dreams, and she could think of no man more worthy than Paul.

Paul waited anxiously as Jenny made her way over the beautiful greens to the a secluded spot under the trees. He flashed a huge grin as the moment finally grew near, and he took a deep breath. The moment they both turned around, Paul's jaw just dropped. Jenny dabbed tears from her eyes as they embraced under the trees, together in their own beautiful moment. 

The sun was shining as Paul's father began the ceremony, along with some heartfelt readings from loved ones. Jenny and Paul gently held hands as they promised forever to one another, surrounded by the love of their friends and family.

The party quickly started, and everyone headed indoors cool off and let loose! A GoPro-strapped bottle of Fireball made it's rounds amongst family members and friends, as the little ones twirled and blew bubbles on the dance floor. The evening was full of dance-offs and glasses clinking, and even a surprise birthday serenade! A perfect celebration for a perfect pair :)

Jenny was in high spirits in spite of all the stress of being forced to find a whole new venue less than a month before the big day!

Paul and the guys had plenty of time to kick back before the festivities began!

Any lingering anxiety melted away as they melted into each others arms. Paul also came to realize just why his favorite watch went missing the day before the wedding.... lol!

Despite the 90+ temps, these two held each other close, spoke softly, and swayed in each other's arms.... They were in their own little world. And can we just stop and admire Jenny's custom 2 piece gown?! It is SOOO Perfect!!!

The ushers and groomsmen remained lighthearted even after the skies opened up letting loose a torrential downpour in the middle of their photos- they had to wait it out under the cover of the trees while Jenna sped back with a golf cart! Luckily, I don't think anything could have put a damper on this day :) The rain cleared up and the sun was shining again just minutes later.

The ceremony site was breathtaking!

Paul was speechless as his bride came into view..

The crowd rejoiced as Jenny and Paul were pronounced husband and wife!

The newlyweds enjoyed a moment of solitude before the party began.

The party kicked into high gear..

Can you tell where Jenny gets that megawatt smile?! Every time we turned around, Patti was beaming from ear to ear!

This whole group really knew how to have a great time!

Jenny and Paul- Thank you so so much for giving us the joy and honor of witnessing your day and documenting your love! You two are some of the most amazing and fun people to be around, and we couldn't be more happy to see such a beautiful couple (and their awesome families!!) come together! Congratulations!


Jamie and Jesse

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