Diversey Harbor Engagement : Meaghan + Tim

Meaghan and Tim are one of those couples you instantly like to be around, you know- the kind you immediately want to be friends with; best friends keychains, matching bracelets, the whole shebang. They are so down to earth and real, and it shows in the genuine way they interact with one another. 


Since their wedding venue is located in the Chicago suburbs, they decided a city adventure was just what their engagement session called for.  When we began their engagement session, the sun was high in the sky (and hot!) so we decided Union Station would be a great place to start. Soon after, the clouds started rolling in and we headed up to Lincoln Park for an outfit change and some scenery. The lighting was soft and perfect, and Meaghan and Tim were so thoroughly enjoying each other's company, it was almost as if Jesse and I weren't even there.


We noticed some dark clouds gathering in the distance, and wandered over by the harbor. While we walked just outside of the piers looking for a place to shoot, a boat owner asked if we would like to shoot ON the dock, and unlocked the gate for us, SCORE!


Then- believe it or not, while we were perusing the docks and deciding on which to start snapping away, ANOTHER boat owner said, "Aw, you don't wanna do the pictures on the dock... why don't you guys come up here on my boat?!" Whaaaat?! Double score!


How nice is that! Wow! This guy and about 10 friends all started chiming in, "yeah! come up here you guys! do the pictures up here!" as they all filed off of the gorgeous cruiser yacht (yeah, I had to look up what type of boat that was called- it wasn't some little old rickity dinghy, this boat was NICE!) 


We sat them at the bow of the yacht (yep, had to look that up too) and though it was foggy, we got some really cool images with the boats and the skyline behind them. Not wanting to overstay our welcome, we quickly thanked our awesome new friends and continued exploring around the harbor. As we neared the lake side, the wind picked up. Meaghan's hair was blowing, and Tim held her close as they gazed out over the water. It seriously could not have been more ideal or picturesque. Also, the timing was perfect! We made it back to the car just in time to beat the rain! Looking back on how much fun was had this summer with these two, we are so so excited for their upcoming wedding this August!


Jamie and Jesse

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