Blumen Gardens Wedding | Kourtney + Scott

"We're having a wedding!" proclaimed Jaxon as his dad re-tucked his shirt, "I think I need my jacket on now..." he said matter of factly, looking up at the polished suits around him.   The marriage of Kourtney and Scott was not just the joining of two people in love, but a whole family. "That's my dress, and that's mommy's dress," Khloe pointed out, smiling as she ran from room to room, taking in the bustle of the girls getting ready, it truly was a magical day for all of them.


Scott waited in the courtyard with excitement on his face, but his nerves dissipated as soon as he felt Kourtney's hand on his shoulder. He turned to see his bride and the look on his face said it all. She smiled radiantly as they embraced in the cold November air, the years of their love culminating in this special private moment.

As dusk settled in, the ceremony glittered with the warm glow of dozens of lights strung all around.  Jaxson and Khloe practically ran down the aisle hand in hand with excitement.  Every seat in the house was full as friends and family beamed at the couple with tears in their eyes.  

The party quickly shifted into high gear as the crowd got crazy on the dance floor.  By the end of the night each song that was played seemed to be everyone's favorite song, and they all unleashed their inner dance machines..... ;)  

We are so lucky to have been a part of Kourtney, Scott, Jaxon and Khloe's beautiful day, and for the fun-filled evening surrounded by so much love. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 


Jamie and Jess


Venue: Blumen Gardens
Hair: Jackie Sobol at ZANO Salon & Day Spas
Makeup: Jessica McKane Makeup




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