Cozy Fall Picnic Engagement : Tatiana + Mike

Tatiana and Mike are like one of those storybook couples.... gorgeous guy, gorgeous girl..... and you can practically feel their love radiating from the moment you meet them. For the most part, people are usually a little nervous before they get their pictures taken, but these two were so consumed with one another... its like they didn't even notice the cameras were there... 

Tati is from Colombia, and Mike hails from right here in Chicago. They came up with the adorable idea to celebrate their roots with a cozy Colombian-Italian-American fall picnic! They stocked up on some picnic essentials before heading out to meet us... (rumor has it, the grocery store is where these two lovebirds first met.... how precious is that!) 

A lovely spread of salami, proscuitto, arepas, wine and cheeses was pulled together with tiny little flags and adorable personal touches. They cozied up and whispered, oblivious as we clicked away- sipping wine in the golden autumn sunshine. The way they look at one another, it made our hearts melt!

A huge thank you to our friend Dana for introducing us to Tati! We are so glad that we had the opportunity to capture a part of this amazing love story. We wish you both the best as you plan your beautiful Cartagena wedding- and seriously you guys- I just googled Cartagena and WOW that is going to be one epic wedding, gorgeous couple in a gorgeous city... how perfect!! We can't wait to see those pics!! <3


Jamie and Jess