More fun in the snow!

It just keeps snowing and snowing this year, and I am absolutely LOVING it!

I think I am probably the only person I know who is not fed up with winter yet :P

Last week it snowed some more and I called up my friend Madison to see if she was free, I seriously cannot get enough of these snow shoots! A few weeks ago, I read a blog post by photographer Ben Sasso about his preparation before shoots and coming up with a shot list of important images he wants to create. I found this blog post very inspiring, because a lot of the time I find myself just "winging it" and not ending up with a lot of shots I want to use at the end. I've been inspired by a lot of lifestyle photographers as of late, so I wanted to do something with more of that kind of feel... I asked Madison to grab all of her snowboarding gear so we could have some kind of winter-y theme to work with. Although we were nowhere near any actual mountains, I am so pleased with how these images turned out. We had a great time "pretending" there were other people around, and that we were somewhere a lot higher in elevation than boring old Illinois :P Madison is always so fun and easy to work with, and I really had a blast with this.  An added surprise: when we were just about to wrap it up, the cutest little Cavalier King Charles puppy (Winnie) crashed the set for some precious bonus shots! So so cute!! 

Here is the full set, enjoy! and special thanks as always to Madison for being the best, always!



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