Promoting Your Business in the Age of "Sponsored" Posts

Do you really need to PAY for your content to show up in your fans newsfeeds?

Lately I have been struggling with my "reach" on Facebook. Your "reach" is basically the number of unique users who have seen your content- either on their news feed, your page, or a shared post through a friend. 

It seems these days, not all of your fans are exposed to your posts. With Facebook's newest algorithm, you get exposure based on interaction. The more fans who interact with your posts, the more fans will see it in their news feeds.

I've done some research and asked fellow photographers what has worked for them, and came up with a few simple tips to expand your reach:


1. Tag away! Tag the people in the images, the people involved in the images, and even the locations where the images were taken! Each tag ensures exposure on that person or even location's page, which equals more reach for you!


2. Utilize insights! Study your insights and see what types of posts your fans engage with. What types of posts have the most response.... links to your blog? Posts with pictures? Links to videos on Vimeo?  Study this data and cater to what your fans want!


3. Short and sweet! People are more likely to engage with something that is direct and to the point!


4. Ask questions! Posts that include the words "where", "when", "would", and "should" have proven to encourage interaction via likes and comments, especially "would", because that allows fans to voice their opinion with a simple 'like' without having to write a comment.


5. Ask for your fans help! Never underestimate the power of simply asking your fans to like and share your content!


6. Timing is everything! You can see via insights when the most of your fans are usually online, use this to your advantage!


7. Content, Content, Content. In the end, it's mostly about content. Keep it fresh and keep 'em comin'!


Also, a friend also suggested email lists and newsletters. Unfortunately I have to figure out how to install a widget for signing up for a newsletter before I can tackle that monster... All in due time, I suppose!


Before succumbing to the demon money suck of "sponsered posts" and "paid reach", I suggest you try out these 7 steps to expanding your exposure for free! I hope you enjoyed this post, please share it with other friends of yours who have business pages! If you have any of your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments below! 


Special thanks to Julio, Esther, Dimitri, and Tim for their valuable input!