Nicole + Brandon | Love


Jess and I visited Colorado for the first time last year, and to say we have been dying to go back would be an understatement.

There's something about the vibe (and of course that gorgeous mountain scenery) that keeps you wanting more... so of course when Nicole reached out to see if we would travel to Denver for their session, we were all about it! 

Nicole and Brandon are new residents of the Denver, Colorado areaβ€”and they love hiking and the outdoors. Honestly, what better place for nature lovers to live than the foot of the Rocky Mountains??! 

Jess and I flew out late on a Friday night, and early Saturday morning we loaded up in the car and ventured out to Saint Mary's Glacier together. We got there in the afternoon, the sun was shining and the weather was mild. I only make a point to state that, because literally less than an hour later, the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and it was sleeting... Colorado mountain weather is no joke. Thank goodness our former bride/wedding and engagement photographer friend Lauren had tagged along to assist and had the foresight to bring along extra jackets, hats, scarves and gloves, or we would have been out of luck.

Freezing sleet and snow aside, Nicole and Brandon carried through like champions, and we were able to create some of our favorite engagement images yet before heading back down the mountain, cold and soaked through. We made it back to the car and tentatively headed over to Lookout Mountain... and as we descended the weather improved. (Drastically!)

We arrived at Lookout just in time for these two to snuggle up as the sun set in a wash of golden haze along the mountains and into the distance. It was one of those moments that almost didn't happen (remember, we were all completely frozen and beat just 30 minutes And we're so glad both Nicole and Brandon were up for one last location for their engagement photography session before calling it a night. This sunset was truly magical...

We're so thankful for the quick weekend adventure with these two, and cannot cannot wait to be their wedding photographers next year!

xo Jamie and Jess